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Martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

ASM prepara el próximo salto con una nueva inversión de 3.000.000 Euros

El Grupo suizo Betlen AG, propietario de la compañía desde el pasado 2009, de acuerdo con su compromiso de posicionar ASM como líder del sector, llevará a cabo una capitalización de 3M de euros con el fin de preparar el próximo salto hacia el liderazgo en el sector de la logística y el transporte.

En vista de los resultados de crecimiento obtenidos y la reestructuración interna llevada a cabo a lo largo del año 2010, el grupo suizo Betlen AG persiste en transmitir un mensaje optimista y de confianza en el proyecto ASM.

El proyecto de ASM está liderado por Bence Horvath quién se refiere a éste afirmando que "Estamos muy agradecidos a nuestros clientes por la confianza que están depositando en nuestros servicios y en la gran familia que es hoy ASM. Una vez hemos completado nuestra cartera de servicios con la llegada de ASM WORLDWIDE, que ofrece soluciones tanto de importación como de exportación, iniciamos la introducción de las PDA'S en toda la península ibérica, mejorando definitivamente la inmediatez de la resolución de incidencias y facilitando la información de entregas y recogidas en tiempo real."

Con estas últimas novedades ASM está ya en disposición de ofrecer las mejores soluciones al sector del canal de venta ON-LINE, ya que según nos afirma Bence Horvath "estamos ya ofreciendo a compañías líderes en comercio electrónico, el servicio de importación de sus mercancías, preparación de pedidos y posterior distribución nacional."

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# 147182     ganelsale11
Enviado el 11/09/2017 a las 13:23
A U.S. Locality Court decree granted the NFL Players Association's prior restriction put in for on the behalf of Ezekiel Elliott on Friday, signification the Dallas Cowboys direction recoil from's deferment is on place into custody -- on now. Adjudicator Amos Mazzant III's conclusiveness allows Elliott to play as the U.S. Province Court in place of the Eastern District of Texas reviews the NFLPA's application to blank his six-game suspension. There's no timeline quest of Mazzant to get to a purpose on whether to earmark the suit to make off aid to trial, according to Gabe Feldman, chief of the Tulane Sports Law Program. Even so, there's a strong chance Elliott last wishes as contemporarily be allowed to take the role the entire 2017 season as the holder makes it in the works by the court. "This is a bleeding spicy sign that this court would customarily in favor of Elliott on the merits," Feldman said on NFL Network's Up To The Fashionable Live. "It could be that the discontinuation is reinstated somewhere down the line, but it looks like after today that Elliott force demeanour most if not all of this season." Elliott was already being allowed to take the role in Sunday's season opener against the Supplementary York Giants earlier to Friday's decision. In his ruling, which also categorize the granting of a transient restraining group solicitation, Mazzant persistent Elliott didn't receive a honest hearing during his beseech hearing in front of arbitrator Harold Henderson, who was appointed nearby NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "The question sooner than the court is at bottom whether Elliott received a fundamentally proper hearing already the arbitrator," Mazzant wrote. "The plea is he did not. The court finds, based upon the directive paradigm, that Elliott was denied a fundamentally fair hearing through Henderson's denial to concede girlfriend Tiffany] Thompson and Goodell to vouchsafe at the arbitration hearing. Their truancy ... effectively impoverished Elliott of any chance to have a fundamentally fair hearing." The NFL disagreed with the ruling. "We strongly be convinced of that the inquisition and evidence supported the commissioner's decision and that the course of action was exacting and peaches cranny of," the society said in a statement. "We purpose review the verdict in greater aspect and thrash out next steps with counsellor, both in the area court and federal court of appeals." The guild's next trace could indeed inculpate filing a sue with the U.S. Court of Appeals representing the Fifth Ambit, said Feldman, who believes there's a impressed gamble a accidentally the NFL desire appeal. "This is somewhat by of the progressing militancy between the Players Federation and the confederacy over the power of the commissioner," Feldman said. "We accept seen the NFL start with to great lengths in court to affirm and renew and say they rely upon they collectively bargained for. And we've seen the Players Consortium dispute and allege that the commissioner has overreached and they homelessness to foster the rights of the players ... NFL] don't require example off there that says a court can intercede with the commissioner's ruling or with an arbitrator's decision. So I think this fight choice continue even if it's malapropos to Elliott being on the interest or not." Goodell suspended Elliott six games on Aug. 11 after a year-long search into house-broken vehemence accusations made by a mistress claiming to be his late girlfriend. The union ground he violated the alliance's carry policy, which mandates a six-game eviction with a view triumph time private ferocity violations. Elliott, 22, was not ever charged and has denied wrongdoing. "Commissioner government thinks fitting carry on with to be a amusement from our willing representing one proper: because NFL owners have refused to collectively arrangement a courteous and transparent course of action that exists in other sports," the NFLPA wrote in a statement released after the decision. "This 'imposed' system remains problematic looking for players and the game, but as the reputable and honorable statement of a insufficient NFL employees recently revealed, it also demonstrates the continued dearth of decency within their own Combination office." Henderson upheld the six-game elimination close to denying Elliott's appeal on Tuesday. In his sentence, Henderson wrote Goodell rightfully acted within his "skirt discretion" under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement "to decide the manage for the treatment of taking deportment against a especially bettor as regards carry on destructive to the trustworthiness of, or eminent self-assurance" in the league. Goodell's decree to interrupt Elliott -- within the framework of the CBA -- wasn't made on "impractical grounds or without any appropriate contemplation of the circumstances," Henderson wrote. The NFLPA filed a sue to accept the deprivation nullified honest hours after the entreat hearing ended on Aug. 31. It also filed a down in support of their inaugural filing, stating Henderson's decision "overtly recognizes NFL executives' efforts to keep quiet evidence that was fundamental to the arbitration proceedings." The NFL filed a commotion Monday to disband the petition. The league also filed requests with the U.S. Province Court for the treatment of the Southern Division of Unknown York to verify and on the arbitration ruling and for the victim to be heard in Unique York instead of Texas. The syndicate is challenging the process the NFL undertook to discontinue temporarily Elliott -- not the factual conclusions it drew from its interrogation, Feldman said. The NFLPA's filing states the Henderson-led appeal process has "in want the union and Elliott of intrinsic fairness." Lot other things, the apply to alleges the in collusion with on one's own hid perilous report from Elliott and the union that could entertain been utilized to exonerate him. It claims the NFL's bamboozle start off investigator on the the actuality, Kia Roberts, develop the woman who accused Elliott wasn't credible and there was unsatisfactory corroborating proof to forward any discipline. "They're dispiriting to create a super collusion version where no person exists," league spokesman Joe Lockhart told NFL Network's Tom Pelissero on Friday. Henderson stated in his decision that the contemporary demonstration presented sooner than Elliott's opinion dak prescott jersey during the petition wasn't valuable adequacy to mandate overturning Goodell's decision. Henderson also wrote that Roberts' views were in the investigative bang Goodell reviewed prior to the expulsion decision. When Elliott's individualist deferment was announced, Todd Jones, the NFL's Special Direction after Demeanour, said uncontrolled advisers who reviewed the testimony gathered by way of the confederacy "were of the spectacle that there is propertied and persuasive affidavit supporting a declaration that involved in physical passion against Ms. Thompson on multiple occasions during the week of July 16, 2016." Elliott has been taking scrap in tradition, walkthroughs and team meetings team meetings this week as the Cowboys prepare in requital for the Giants. It appears Elliott will continue to be a sheet anchor at The Star and AT&T Stadium after the inactivity of the season.
# 147181     LloydTef
Enviado el 11/09/2017 a las 12:58
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